The Urban Sociology of Detroit

The Urban Sociology of Detroit

In the literature on Shrinking Cities there is one name that comes up more than any other: Detroit. This city with its famous past was in 2014 ranked 8th on a list of 10 unhappiest cities in the US. Abandoned buildings, severe deindustrialization and suburbanization are some impressions often connected to this city.

City & Community journal recently published special issue (volume 14, issue 2) on Detroit. In this issue Detroit is being analyzed from different perspectives: from reimagining the city, bankruptcy and its consequences, justice issues, to feral animals. Finally, lessons from Detroit are offered.

Variety of articles offers a comprehensive picture of many issues this city is faced with. Authors offer solutions for some of the city’s problems and claim that interventions are necessary to protect all of the city’s residents. In sum, little agreement among different stakeholders (citizens, government and community leaders) can be observed. What is the best path for the future of Detroit is still to be discovered.

Maja Ročak


City and Community (Volume 14/ Issue 2) June 2015

Editorial: The Urban Sociology of Detroit (Hilary Silver)   //   Introduction to the Symposium: Lessons from Detroit (Karyn Lacy)   //   Detroit Futures: Can the City Be Reimagined? (Peter Eisinger)   //   The Bankruptcy of Detroit: What Role did Race Play? (Reynolds Farley)   //   Detroit's Regional Question (Michael Indergaard)   //   Shelving Justice: The Discovery of Thousands of Untested Rape Kits in Detroit (Rebecca Campbell, Jessica Shaw and Giannina Fehler-Cabral)   //   The Dog Days of Detroit: Urban Stray and Feral Animals (Laura A. Reese)