Demographic Transition, Labour Markets and Regional Resilience

2017 - Cristina Martinez, Tamara Weyman, Jouke van Dijk (eds.), Frank Cörvers e.a.

In de Springer serie ‘Advances in Spatial Science’ is onlangs de publicatie ‘Demographic Transition, Labour Markets and Regional Resilience’ verschenen. Het boek is van de hand van C. Martinez, T. Weyman en J. van Dijk (Eds.) en bevat onder meer een bijdrage van Frank Cörvers, bijzonder hoogleraar van de Neimed leerstoel.

Demographic Transition, Labour Markets and Regional Resilience

Frank Cörvers is mede-auteur van hoofdstuk 4: ‘Resilient labour markets and demographic change in selected regions of the Netherlands’.*


Een beknopte samenvatting van de publicatie: This book discusses the question of how a regional economy can develop under the influence of an ageing and declining population, and how regional development policies can help make labor markets more resilient and more inclusive. As the greatest impacts of demographic change and policy and fiscal challenges can be observed at the local level, examples from European, North American and Asian regions are combined to present a comprehensive, global range of strategic solutions from different policy contexts. The book shows how institutions, organizations and communities can enhance their pathways for sustainable development through the intelligent management of their demographic transition, and offers a synthesis of valuable lessons and strategies.

* aan dit hoofdstuk werkten mee: Femke Verwest (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency), Philip Taylor (Federation Business School, Federation University Australia), Leo van Wissen (University of Groningen), Jouke van Dijk (Department of Economic Geography, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen & Waddenacademie), Arjen Edzes (University of Groningen), Marije Hamersma (University of Groningen), Frank Cörvers (Maastricht University), Andries de Grip (Maastricht University) en Jesper van Thor (Statistics Netherlands).

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