Urban Shrinkage and Social Capital

Maja Rocak

This research is a PhD study investigating  the impact of urban shrinkage on social capital and the role of digital media in this situation.Social capital in a shrinking city as relevant and often neglected in the discussion on urban shrinkage. A trend of urban shrinkage is getting more prominent in many European cities. It is seen as relevant future development which will have potential impact on the social capital in a shrinking area. Prevailing research on this point have paid insufficient attention to this particular phenomenon. Moreover, due to contemporary technological developments in societythe role of digital media in this context is recognised as worth of investigation.

The proposed study will engages with current theory of urban shrinkage, social capital and digital media. Three case studies will be studied by employing mixed methods approach and data collection from various sources. This study aims to add a new dimension to the discussion of urban shrinkage by analyzing the impact it has on social capital.  (Researcher: Maja Rocak)



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