Keynote speech at the Brightlands HR Tech Day: Employability in the digital age

13 nov 2019

On 31 October Neimed Scientific Director prof. dr. Jol Stoffers delivered a keynote speech at the Brightlands HR Tech Day, Heerlen.

Employability in the digital age

Digitalization and smart machines are changing the way we work. For instance, data intelligence, Internet of Things and drones are already integrated in many industries to make production processes faster, more accurate, cheaper and to make them available 24-7. Studies predict that new technologies will fundamentally alter the quantity - and the quality - of the workforce needed for advancing production processes.

These new technologies displace human work for many tasks while stressing the need for those skills and competences which computers will - for the foreseeable future - not be able to compete on, creating new balances between humans and smart machines. Recent research in the Limburg region, the Netherlands (Stoffers et al., 2018; 2019) among 200 organizations, shows that 66% of all tasks -in the very near future- will be executed in collaboration with smart machines and/or data intelligence. This requires future proof knowledge, skills and competences (representing employees’ employability).

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