About Neimed

Neimed is a Centre of expertise on Demographic Changes and is a joint initiative of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, and the Open University in the Netherlands. Neimed collects expertise and experiences of the various shrinking regions in the Netherlands and beyond with special emphasis on the City Region Parkstad Limburg.

Our mission is to directly tackle the issues related to demographic change: significant population decline, ageing population, declining of the work-age population and economic challenges. At the same time it is essential to support the quality of life of citizens and communities in shrinking areas and to identify constructive scenarios derived from the mentioned demographic processes.

The aim is the development of knowledge and ideas about the quality of life in societies affected by population decline. New intervention scenarios incorporate not only public authorities but also the multiplicity of stakeholders involved in such a complex issue: civil society agencies, local business people, housing corporations, education institutions, care and welfare providers, cultural institutions, etc. neimed has four core objectives:

• Research-based knowledge development
• Collection of information (database)
• Network development
• Production of innovative ideas and scenarios

neimed collects and disseminates existing knowledge and information. In addition, neimed produces new knowledge, new scenarios and new interventions to develop the quality of life in shrinking regions. Furthermore, neimed strongly promotes the social debate between various stakeholders about quality of core institutions in areas affected by demographic changes. Finally, neimed looks for cross border and international cooperation for the realisation of these objectives and invites other research centres to join its activities.

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